About PORTABL.co

The world of work is changing and the incumbent insurance and benefits products are no longer fit for purpose.

At PORTABL.co we are building a SaaS business and eco-system that provides portable insurance, portable benefits and portable savings products for those who live and work in the global freelance and gig based economies.

Customer centric data and machine learning:
Using real-time data and analytics we quickly understand and present to a new customer the optimum levels of cover and benefits best suited to them, the nature of their work and the stage of their life journey.

Monthly subscription bundle:
Rather than the individual having to sign up for anything between 7-12 products or services they are simply able to take out a membership with PORTABL.co, pay a monthly subscription fee and benefit from having all of their unique requirements wrapped up into their personalised membership bundle.

We take care of everything else for them.

Membership community:
Membership of PORTABL.co also provides opportunities for incentives and rewards for good behaviours. We will recognise everything from referring work to other members through to adopting healthy habits.

PORTABL.co rewards these good behaviours by regularly reducing the member’s monthly subscription fee.

Global Eco-system:
We are the only business focused on building a global, e2e Insurance as a Service platform to serve and support the freelance, gig, contracting, business-of-one, portfolio lifestyle, independent worker (phew… so many labels) economies.

We have loved the time we have spent on these world-class accelerators


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